Uploaded 2 November 2021

I made this fake candy commercial about a year ago. My contract at the Natural History Museum of Oslo ended, and I wanted to make something for my Svalbard-obsessed palaeontology colleagues.

It was fun to make from scratch

– even the photo is one I’ve taken myself on Svalbard.

At the beginning of this year, I scanned and coloured a large piece drawn by my husband and turned it into a poster.

He had for a long time been absorbed in (read: obsessed with) a Virtual Reality game/experience/play/community called ‘The Under Presents’.

This piece was a tribute to all the gamers that had interacted through a chat and displays their game avatars.

My husband’s original artwork:

(For whom it may concern: The poster is print-on-demand:


I… haven’t interacted much with this VR game myself… I never seem to get beyond playing BeatSaber… *cough*

Finally, here is a random experiment into children’s book style illustration:

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