Birth of ideas

Uploaded: 20 June 2014

Ever wondered how a writers come up with new ideas for stories?

Well, don't look at me! I don't know! I guess, we just do!


I can tell you one thing for certain, though: No matter how incredibly original and unique an idea may seem, there will always be elements 'borrowed' from existing works. Because - really - no artist lives and works in a vacuum. On the other hand, we all have our own individual experiences and views. Thus, even an incredibly unoriginal idea will always bear the writers/illustrators unique fingerprint. This may indeed not be a 'stamp of quality' of course... But I do encourage you to always look for the original element and never just discard entire works as 'unoriginal'. For example: We may all agree that watching Avatar made one feel kind of like watching Pocahontas, but... I personally don't recall having seen tall blue cat-people linking with their riding animals in such a sexual way before! That was hilariously stupid!

Anyway. That's  just my 'tired Friday morning' philosophy...

An now, here's a word about my own inspiration and ideas:

When I read comics or watch cartoons drawn in styles I like, I almost always get the urge to draw. I try to capture details of the style or copy elements from it to evolve my own style. When I draw - even if it's just pinups - my mind wanders and starts filling emotions and agendas into the characters  appearing on the paper before me. Most often it's just the ghost of an idea that I forget the very next moment. But sometimes actual themes and plots start forming.  Like, when I did this drawing last year. The robotic nanny!

In itself, it's just a Skydoll rip-off. But when I thought about the introduction of sexy robots into our existing society and what would actually happen, I suddenly had this scene playing in the back of my mind. I simply had to draw it. And as soon as I had finished the sketches, I realized that it was a completely stupid idea. An idea stillborn!

I still liked the characters, though. So I have inked and texted the pages just for you. <3

I have many unfinished ideas lying around - thick piles of sketches, notes and diagrams (it takes time, stubbornness and grit to turn an idea into a finished work). The big one, which I really hope to be able to make someday, also started as a pretty lousy pin-up in 2009. I was surprised when I found it again yesterday. I had nearly forgotten the drawing that started this aggressive snowball of story building. Again, it looks like a total rip-off... though... I pretty sure I didn't watch the Soul Eater anime until two years later... (Damn, too much anime must've finally fried my brain!)

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