Pedal to the metal

Title: Pedal to the metal

Uploaded: May 2014

Length: 14 pages

I made this comic in 2011 and it was published in 2012 in the Danish anthology series Fantasmagori which is available for free on [LINK]. I've translated the comic to English here, but words that are part of the art have been left unaltered (sorry).

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Title: Carcharodon carcharias

Uploaded: 16 June 2014

Length: 6 pages

This short story was made in 2013 for the Danish anthology Tuschmørke, but ended up never getting published. An online exclusive! (No, wait... I printed it as a mini comic later! [Blog Comic])

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Title: Between sun and sand

Uploaded: 19 March 2015

Length: 12 pages

I made this comic in the fall 2014 for the Copenhagen Zine Fest (Ungdomshuset, 11 October 2014). I printed it myself, so I only made 15 copies [Blog Comic]. That didn't matter, however, as it was only my friends who bought it anyway. Ha ha! It's a somewhat simple comic but I'm rather proud of how I made it in just two weeks! And it was fun and easy to draw sand and dunes!

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Title: Personal Religion

Uploaded: 7 May 2017

Length: 12 strips

This is my first - and only - attempt at making a strip comic. I made it in 2015 to sell as mini comics at my table at Copenhagen Comics. It was a fun exercise! [Blog Comic]

In the English translation I have changed some of the content slightly but the jokes (or lack thereof) remain the same.

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