Uploaded: 9 October 2015

Lately, I haven't been able to draw anything for this site. I've been way to busy being all science-y and career-like!

Me and my science-homies are almost done with the paper based on my Master's thesis, but that's been an on-and-off concern for me the last year.

And then, I've just written a popular scientific article for the Danish magazine Tidsskriftet Grønland. And of course, I just had to make some drawings to follow that text AND the awesome editor asked me to do the cover too.

So that was exiting!

This is the illustration I made for the cover:

The article can be read online for free [LINK] (but only in Danish, though).

And now!

Now, I'm working on a comic for this year's ZineFest in Copenhagen. It's going down in 'Ungdomshuset' on October 17th and I'll have a table somewhere - so come visit!

The title on my comic will be GeoZine - so try and guess what that's going to be about.

Here are some random samples to trigger your taste buds:

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