This is a serious place for serious comics about serious scientific subjects!


And also some other stuff.

Stupid stuff.

15 July 2020:

I've recently started using a new drawing program and like to share my progress here!

Before you start exploring the scientific part of this website,

I feel I should warn you about the hazards and risks that you might become exposed to.

So - please - take time to read this warning carefully before making any unguided moves!

Thank you!

Most recent science comic

 Sediments & Fossils

Very, VERY, short and dirty introduction to

sedimentary rocks and fossils

Most recent fiction comic

Personal Religion

This is my first - and only - attempt at making a strip comic. I made it in 2015 to sell as cheap prints at my table at Copenhagen Comics. It was a fun exercise!

Stupid Stuff

This is basically a blog. With comics.

Read about random stuff and diverse s**t that I just happened to feel like drawing.

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