About the creator:

Name: Bitten Bolvig Hansen

Occupation: PhD student in palaeontology at the Natural History Museum, University of Oslo.

Age: Somewhere around thirty

Height: Polar bear's snack size

Weight: Probably not fat enough to satisfy said polar bear...

Creative life of the creator:

I have always drawn. Especially all over my notes in school...

I started getting into comics while in university and from 2011 to 2014 I was part of the Danish underground comic book publisher Ondskabens Flydende Vatikan (OFV). In May 2014, I launched this webpage while doing my Master's thesis - a surprisingly good investment of my very limited free time. In 2017, I was headhunted by the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Labour in Greenland to help them create a a geology book that would help Greenlandic children develop a taste for geology.The book was published in 2019 and has been destributed to all schools in Greenland. What a great project to be involved in! Read a free Danish PDF of the book here! (look for it under 'public engagement'.)

Academic life of the creator:

I’ve got a Master’s degree in geology from Copenhagen University in 2014. I've specialised in palaeontology but know my way around many geological subjects.

As of July 2016, I'm working on a PhD in palaeontology at the Natural History Museum in Oslo. Here, I will be looking into the marine environment in the Early Triassic of Svalbard.

Scientific publications:

Hansen, B.B., Cuny, G., Rasmussen, B.W., Shimada, K., Jacobs, P. & Heilmann-Clausen, C. 2013: Associated skeletal and dental remains of a fossil odontaspidid shark (Elasmobranchii: Lamniformes) from the Middle Eocene Lillebælt Clay Formation in Denmark.

Bulletin of the Geological Society of Denmark, Vol. 61, pp. 37–46.

Hansen, B.B., Milàn, J., Clemmensen, L.B., Adolfssen, J.S., Estrup, E.J., Klein, N., Mateus, O. & Wings, O. (First published online Dec. 17, 2015): Coprolites from the Late Triassic Kap Steward Formation, Jameson Land, East Greenland: Morphology, classification and prey inclusions.

In: Kear, B.P., Lindgren, J., Hurum, J.H., Milàn, J. & Vajda, V. (eds): Mesozoic Biotas of Scandinavia and its Arctic Territories. Geological Society of London, Special Publications 434.

Hansen, B.B., Hammer, Ø. & Nakrem, H.A. 2018: Stratigraphy and age of the Grippia niveau bonebed, Lower Triassic Vikinghøgda Formation, Spitsbergen.

Norwegian Journal of Geology 98, 175–187.

Hurum, J.H., Engelschiøn, V.S., Økland, I., Bratvold, J., Ekeheien, C.P., Roberts, A.J., Delsett, L.L., Hansen, B.B., Mørk, A., Nakrem, H.A., Druckenmiller, P.S. & Hammer, Ø. 2018: The history of exploration and stratigraphy of the Early to Middle Triassic vertebrate-bearing strata of Svalbard (Sassendalen Group, Spitsbergen).

Norwegian Journal of Geology 98, 165–174.

Hammer, Ø., Jones, M.T., Schneebeli-Hermann, E., Hansen, B.B. & Bucher, H. 2019: Are Early Triassic extinction events associated with mercury anomalies? A reassessment of the Smithian/Spathian boundary extinction. Earth-Science Reviews 195, 179–190.

Popular sciene publications (in Danish):

Hansen, B.B. 2015: Koprolitter - en lille brik i rekonstruktionen af palæomiljøer. Tidsskriftet Grønland 63(3), 126-134.

Hansen, B.B. 2019: Liv og død på Svalbard for 250 millioner år siden. Tidsskriftet Grønland 67(4), 202-206.

Illustrator and co-author on children's geology book (in Dansih and Greenlandic):

Master's thesis:

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