Preparing for Copenhagen Comics 2015

Uploaded: 3 June 2015

Only a few days remain before Copenhagen is overrun by comicbook fans.

It's time for: Copenhagen Comics 2015 [LINK]!

I'm spending these early (and quite rainy) summer days indoors printing the hell out of my... well... printer.

However romantic that may sound, I can assure you: It's not!

I'm making three mini comics which mean I have to fold many, many, MANY papers.

I think I will have to subdue my perfectionist gene a bit better if I should ever get to the bottom of the pile...

It's hard work but I'm really satisfied with the results!

There's a strip comic in Danish.

Prize: 10 DKK

There's the wordless short story Carcharodon carcharias. Prize: 5 DKK


You can also "read" it here at the site: [Read the comic!]


Or read it in English here:

[Read the comic!]

And there's this guidebook in Danish so you can learn to play the 'hand flute'! Prize: 5 DKK


My things are on sale on Rikke Hollænder's table (No 13):

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