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2 November 2021

After months and months of silence: A life sign! Read it here!

Before you start exploring the scientific part of this website,

I feel I should warn you about the hazards and risks that you might become exposed to.

So - please - take time to read this warning carefully before making any unguided moves!

Thank you!

Read about various geological subjects in short engaging comics (if I may say so myself)!

So far, you can learn the basics of geology in comics about the interior of the Earth, plate tectonics, mineralogy and volcanoes.

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This part of the site contains short story comics that I have made over the years. There aren't a lot, but they look better than some of the other stuff you'll finde on this site, so please check it out!

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Read about the random stuff that I just happened to feel like drawing or telling about.

contents, lengths and qualities vary A LOT!

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